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Cryo Slimming Machine, Body Sculping Equipment For Tighten Skin, Cryotherapy machine

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Good quality Diode Laser Hair Removal for sales
Good quality Diode Laser Hair Removal for sales
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Cryo Slimming Machine, Body Sculping Equipment For Tighten Skin, Cryotherapy machine

Detailed Product Description

Cryo Slimming Machine Body Sculping Equipment For Tighten Skin (YLZ-LP400)




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This equipment using sophisticated infrared light lipolysis , ultrasonic burst fat technology , as well as the precise freezing lipolysis technology, unique adsorption technology and the several lipolysis surgery to achieve the perfect combination , at the same time meet the clinical effect of bringing unique patients comfort and safety.

Therapeutic Theory
1. Infrared light lipolysis technology: infrared light can penetrate the entire skin layer , with the expansion of blood vessels, stimulate blood circulation, accelerate lymphatic circulation, improve local tissue oxygen saturation effect; at the same time the band spectrum can accelerate the metabolism of subcutaneous adipose tissue from to promote the role of subcutaneous fat ablation , has a good assist weight loss , slimming effect.
2. Ultrasonic burst fat technology: bounce lipolysis surgery directly quoted ultrasound burst fat technology comeback burst fat surgery has been more than twenty thousand customers use more than 2 years , with good clinical reputation.

Technical Parameter:

Input voltage

AC110V/220V; 50-60Hz




10 inch wide color touch screen

cooling device output temperature

5°C ~  -10 °C




Red(630nm) Green(570nm) 50mW×4

cooling liquid

pure water or Special coolant

default time


fuse size

T3. 15AL250V

Ambient temperature

5°C ~ 40°C

relative humidity


carton size


atmospheric pressure


G. W.



2 2.jpg
1. slimming shaping: the face and neck , limbs , buttocks and abdomen slimming, face, chest , buttocks tight promotion, postpartum and physical recovery after liposuction .
2. stretch marks: efficient removal of stretch marks.
3. slimming: cellulite reduction , reduce fat, improve skin laxity .
4. Tight skin: strengthening firming the skin, increase skin elasticity and improve the orange peel , post-natal stretch marks and so on.
5. Diastolic pressure: medicinal, promote blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, fatigue, pain , relieve skin edema , improve dark circles and puffiness.
6. Detox : promote lymphatic and blood circulation , lymphatic drainage leg , abdominal colon detoxification.
7. eliminate cellulite -like lesions , eliminate double chin , face-lift .


1. 4 therapy heads with different sizes (100,150, 200,300)
2. 2 therapy heads can be used at the same time except size 300
3. therapy head of size 300 can be used for special client
4. the lowest treating temperature is up to -10 degree centigrade
5. adopt new cooling system to better protect skin
6. treating temperature can be changed intelligently
7. automatic massage during treatment makes the whole process enjoyable
8.2 models for your choice: M1 professional model and M2 normal model. 
M1 Profeesional model: Red light and green light automatic transfer during treatment
M2 Normal model: Just green light during treatment.
With this Cryo you can work 2 areas of your patient at the same time.Also, you can monitor your patients heart rate for better outcomes.
9. Your patient will lose 40% -60% of fat in only 1 sesion. This cryo machine with give you a temperature from 5 to -10C for better resutls.
10. 4 handles: Size300, size200, size150, size100.

Effect compare:

 11 .jpg
3 2.jpg
1. Accessories Detailed

1). 4 Treatment Hand pieces

 QQ20150504122936 .jpg

1). Treatment step


2. Details picture



4 copy .jpg


5 copy .jpg

1. Service

We will guarantee the quality of our equipment, normally there is no quality problem. 1.If there is a deficiency, please email or call us on the reasons, it would be best if this can be dealt with by email or telephone. Because some of the problems are caused by using the machine in a wrong way. 2.We suggest the client to take photos of the area where the problem occurs, we will pass them to our technician , our technician will give a satisfactory answer within 1-7 working days 3.Warranty: from the date of purchasing according to the receipt.


2. Warranty

Warranty for machine body:

1 year warranty for the machine body (not including the consumables handpieces),if there have any malfuction with the machine body,factory provide the circuit board or any other accessories freely,customer bare shipping charge.

Warranty for the Handpieces:

3months warranty for the handpices,if there have any malfuction with the handpiecs,factory provide the handpieces freely,customer bare the shipping charge. Any other non-warranty parts or out of warranty period, can also be responsible for the maintenance and updating, such as Spare parts and consumables cost, if need purchase, please contact us.


Class quality, perfect service , welcome the new and old customers to consult and order.

Erica Service for you, any question please contact me.

Cryo Slimming Machine, Body Sculping Equipment For Tighten Skin, Cryotherapy machine


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